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Lowrance HDS 12

According to one published report, the maps available in the “vast majority of electronic cartography” are based on historical data from governmental agencies – data often 50 years old or more!

To get “1-foot contours” for maps of such lakes, companies run a computer program to estimate depths between government-drawn contours lines and then just fill in the blanks. That’s why you often see structure on your sonar screen where your map shows nothing.

C-MAP Genesis allows you to record your own sonar data, upload that to our cloud-based database and start seeing detail that isn’t available anywhere else.

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Built on a base layer of existing sonar data, Social Map is updated continuously, in near real-time, with sonar data contributed by the C-MAP Genesis community – giving free users the most accurate charts with depths and for Edge account members bottom composition and other information.

To make the best maps, only (non-private) trips that meet the high standards of the GIS professionals on our Quality Control team are included in Social Map. Anyone with an account can download FREE Social Map charts to an SD card for use on the water in a compatible chartplotter.

View the Social Map

View the Social Map

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  • Contours You Can Trust
    Contours You Can Trust

    Ever found a hump, ditch or drop-off not on any map? C-MAP Genesis creates contours you can trust, revealing fish-holding structure other maps miss.

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  • Vegetation Map
    Vegetation Map

    Big fish ambush little fish in submerged vegetation. Genesis Edge maps show the location, shape and depth of grass flats, deep weedlines, isolated patches and more.

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  • Bottom Hardness Map
    Bottom Hardness Map

    Fish love hard bottoms. They feed on 'em, breed on 'em, follow their edges like roads. Genesis Edge maps show the location, shape and depth of hard-bottom areas.

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